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My goals for 2020

 — #Goals

It's the time of the year where i lool back at some of the big things that happended in 2019 and set goals for the next year.

2019 was not that great for me, Not much accomplished and it just flew without any major changes in my life. I will have to admit that it's lack of planning and motivation, I don't want to repeat..

i've have 10 board goals for the year 2020 by profession and personal.

Professional Goals

  • Launch my personal website
  • Learn new technlogoies which includs React Native, R, Go
  • Publish one app to app store and play store
  • Launch a public API
  • Build personal branding
  • Make coding videos series and again 1000 subscribers on youtube.

Personal Goals

  • Build new healthy habbit
  • Read atleast 12 books
  • Stop overthinking

Financial Goals

  • Invest in Real Estate, May be buy a house!!